Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Can't Breathe Kosmo

Evening Drinksters! I was in the middle of building my bar outside, and I needed a drink to beat the heat. While perusing through my liquor cabinet, I noticed I've got some cran-raspberry juice. Not exactly Cosmo material, but wouldn't this be a great opportunity to change it up, and bring Mother Russia back in the kitchen.  

 Mike's Can't Breathe Kosmo:

1 oz Stoli Raspberry
0.5 oz Triple Sec
0.5 oz Rose's Lime Juice
1 oz Cran-Raspberry Juice.

Blend and strain into cocktail glass.

Sip and Enjoy!

It's called "can't breathe," because of the raspberry flavors...get it?  Rasping...?  Oh fine, I know it's not that funny, but the taste is nothing to joke about either.  Delicious!

Hope you all enjoy!

Mike The Bartender